Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Ghosts Part Two

2. Always bring at least one friend with you. You want to be able to substantiate your claims, and having another witness is the best way. Also, when you investigate, you may find yourself in hazardous and potentially dangerous areas. If you should fall and injure yourself, you are going to need someone to help you. Be sure to tell an outside person, not involved in the investigation, where you will be and when to expect you back. I don’t recommend a hunt lasting anymore than a few hours. Usually if you are going to get any substantial information it will have occurred during that period. Plus, you can always try to extend the amount of days you will investigate. Occasionally the opportunity to investigate over night will arise. Make sure to adjust your contact information accordingly.

3. This is the most basic of equipment you will need:
Flashlights- bring more flashlights than there are people.
Batteries- for every electronic device you will use that requires batteries, you must bring roughly double the amount needed.
Portable audio recorder- Bring a pack of audio tapes. Have an external microphone,(internals tape noise of device recording.)
Camera- You don’t need an expensive camera, a simple throw away indoor/outdoor with flash will work fine. Digital cameras are ok to use, and will conveniently allow immediate transfer of photos into your computer. But, from my personal experience a simple camera will work just fine.
Video camera- Not a necessity, but a useful tool indeed. You may like to have a tripod, if there is a particular area you would like to focus on.

This is all the electronic equipment you should need to conduct a basic ghost hunt. You really don’t need to have a EMF gauge, or infrared film, or any of the other high-tech gadgets the pro’s use. Remember, we are approaching this from the beginners side of the fence. As you advance in your investigating skills, you may like to purchase such devices. I suggest bringing extra batteries and such because it is often noted how electronic equipment will stop working, misfunction, or batteries might die during investigations. Supposedly ghosts can suck the life out of even the best of batteries. You do not want to be stuck in the dark without a working flashlight. ON the non-electronic side, DO NOT forget notebooks and pens to record all data you receive.

4. If you haven’t chosen a location yet, here are some tips that might lead you in the right direction. According to popular belief, old schools, churches, cemeteries, hotels/Inns/houses/Building, battle sites, and penitentiaries make good starting points. Most of these places will require permission be granted to investigate them. But, maybe it’s your own house that you suspect is haunted, or your friends. These are also very good starting points. Try to find a place that will cause the least disruption with your presence, And one that is the easiest to investigate without compromising your investigation.

From Shadow's Ghostly Gathering


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Oh Mr.V wassup man, i'm enjoynig your mixes actually, thanks and keep it up, a little hurt i'm not in the friends of verdant section i promise i'll be good..ah canadians and thier humor rock on man--


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