Thursday, November 10, 2005

God Part Six

THE TEACHER Nansen found two groups of monks, from the East hall
and the West hall, squabbling over the ownership of a pet cat. He
picked up the cat, waved it in the air over his head, and said to
the quarrelers:

"Say a good word if you want to save the cat!" No one said a word.
Nansen went to the kitchen, brought back a big cleaver, and
chopped the cat in half. He gave one-half to each group.

That night when Joshu returned to the monastery, Nansen told him
the story. Joshu said nothing; but he took off his sandals,
balanced them on his head, and walked away.

Nansen said aloud, "Joshu could have saved the cat."

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In other news of god...

kids in Kansas are now being taught that the earth is flat or something

Lou Grant is not pleased.


At 4:33 PM, Anonymous Ganja said...

May a flood of frogs piss and a torrent of toads turds permeate every crevice and fold of your ample body. god does not forget those who blaspheme. Thanks for dis post


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