Saturday, December 31, 2005

Top Ten Bestest Records of the Year!!!

I liked that one where the guy sang like he was some freaked-out hippie dude. I also liked the one with the cookie monster vocals and the drop d tunings. I liked that one where they played the songs really, really quiet...and then suddenly really really LOUD. I liked that one that sounded just like Neutral Milk Hotel...except without the imagination. I liked whatever over-hyped piece of shit you wanted me to like.

Friday, December 16, 2005

Happy Holidays

Be good. Enjoy yourselves. Take a break from the computer and go outside once in awhile. Its nice out there. I recommend the trees. Be back in 2006 (or so)

Monday, December 12, 2005

Its About Damn Time

verdantBLOG mix #9: 'Its About Damn Time'

What Time Is It?(Live) by Afrika Bambaataa
What's the Time by Bow Wow Wow
Now is the Time by the Free Design
Time Will Tell by Ian Gregory
We Are Time by the Pop Group
Time is Now by Jericho Jones
Time to Dream by Greenslade
Time to Kill by U.K.
Eastern Standard Time by Don Drummond
Forever Time by Black Flag
Big Time by Rudi
All of the Time by the Shop Assistants
Bad Time by the Vibrators
Burning Up Time by the Stranglers
Time by the Minutemen
Travel Time by Crispy Ambulance
Timewhys by Tonto's Expanding Head Band
Time in My Life by Dulcimer
This Time He Has Come by Alistair Galbraith



Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Time Part Eight

This is no time for celebration
This is no time for shaking heads
This is no time for backslapping
This is no time for marching bands

This is no time for optimism
This is no time for endless thought
This is no time for my country right or wrong
Remember what that brought

There is no time
There is no time
There is no time
There is no time

This is no time for congratulations
This is no time to turn your back
This is no time for circumlocution
This is no time for learned speech

This is no time to count your blessings
This is no time for private gain
This is no time to put up or shut up
It won't no time to come back this way again

There is no time
There is no time
There is no time
There is no time

This is no time to swallow anger
This is no time to ignore hate
This is no time to be acting frivolous
Because the time is getting late

This is no time for private vendettas
This is no time to not know who you are
Self knowledge is a dangerous thing
The freedom of who you are

This is no time to ignore warnings
This is no time to clear the plate
Let's not be sorry after the fact
And let the past become out fate

There is no time
There is no time
There is no time
There is no time

This is no time to turn away and drink
Or smoke some vials of crack
This is a time to gather force
And take dead aim and attack

This is no time for celebration
This is no time for saluting flags
This is no time for inner searchings
The future is at head

This is no time for phony rhetoric
This is no time for political speech
This is a time for action
Because the future's within reach

This is the time
This is the time
This is the time
Because there is no time

There is no time
There is no time
There is no time
There is no time

'There is No Time' by Lou Reed

Monday, December 05, 2005

Time Part Seven

Acknowledge the math below or go to hell.
4 Day Cube disproves 1 Day God.

1-Midday to midday = a 24 hour day rotation.
2-Sundown to sundown = a 24 hour day rotation.
3-Midnight to midnight = a 24 hour day rotation.
4-Sunup to sunup = a 24 hour day rotation.

The hollow Time Cube in which the 4
quadrant corners of Earth rotate, equates to
your 4 corner bedroom, or to a 4 corner
classroom which represents the 4 corners
of Earth - in which stupid and evil pedants
teach dumb students 1 corner knowledge.
Each of the 4 corners of Earth is the
beginning and ending of its own separate
24 hour day - all 4 simultaneous days within
a single rotation of Earth. Place 4 different
students in the 4 corners of a classroom and
rotate them 4 corners each. Note that they
rotate simultaneously wthin the same Time
frame as if only one is rotating - just as the
4 different days on Earth rotate. 3D math
applied within this hollow Cube would be
erroneous math, as it would not account
for the 4th corner perspective dimension.
Place a 100 people within this Cubic like
room and they will not increase the number
of corners anymore than 6 billion people on
Earth will increase the 4 corners of Earth.
It is dumb, stupid, evil and unworthy of
life on Earth to claim that this Creation
Cube has 6 sides - or no top and bottom.
Academia equates to a deadly plague.

More about Timecube

In a quasi-related note, Merry Christmas

both links from the too perfect for this world WFMU

Saturday, December 03, 2005

Time Part Six

The answer I have come up with may not be correct, but it is the only answer I have. It has to do with time. My theory is this: In some certain important sense, time is not real. Or perhaps it is real, but not as we experience it to be or imagine it to be. I had the acute, overwhelming certitude (and still have) that despite all the change we see, a specific permanent landscape underlies the world of change: and that this invisible underlying landscape is that of the Bible; it, specifically, is the period immediately following the death and resurrection of Christ; it is, in other words, the time period of the Book of Acts.

Parmenides would be proud of me. I have gazed at a constantly changing world and declared that underneath it lies the eternal, the unchanging, the absolutely real. but how has this come about? If the real time is circa A.D. 50, then why do we see A.D. 1978? And if we are really living in the Roman Empire, somewhere in Syria, why do we see the United States?

During the Middle Ages, a curious theory arose, which I will now present to you for what it is worth. It is the theory that the Evil One—Satan—is the "Ape of God." That he creates spurious imitations of creation, of God's authentic creation, and then interpolates them for that authentic creation. Does this odd theory help explain my experience? Are we to believe that we are occluded, that we are deceived, that it is not 1978 but A.D. 50... and Satan has spun a counterfeit reality to wither our faith in the return of Christ?

I can just picture myself being examined by a psychiatrist. The psychiatrist says, "What year is it?" And I reply, "A.D. 50." The psychiatrist blinks and then asks, "And where are you?" I reply, "In Judaea." "Where the heck is that?" the psychiatrist asks. "It's part of the Roman Empire," I would have to answer. "Do you know who is President?" the psychiatrist would ask, and I would answer, "The Procurator Felix." "You're pretty sure about this?" the psychiatrist would ask, meanwhile giving a covert signal to two very large psych techs. "Yep," I'd replay. "Unless Felix has stepped down and had been replaced by the Procurator Festus. You see, Saint Paul was held by Felix for—" "Who told you all this?" the psychiatrist would break in, irritably, and I would reply, "The Holy Spirit." And after that I'd be in the rubber room, inside gazing out, and knowing exactly how come I was there.

Everything in that conversation would be true, in a sense, although palpably not true in another. I know perfectly well that the date is 1978 and that Jimmy Carter is President and that I live in Santa Ana, California, in the United States. I even know how to get from my apartment to Disneyland, a fact I can't seem to forget. And surely no Disneyland existed back at the time of Saint Paul.

So, if I force myself to be very rational and reasonable, and all those other good things, I must admit that the existence of Disneyland (which I know is real) proves that we are not living in Judaea in A.D. 50. The idea of Saint Paul whirling around in the giant teacups while composing First Corinthians, as Paris TV films him with a telephoto lens—that just can't be. Saint Paul would never go near Disneyland. Only children, tourists, and visiting Soviet high officials ever go to Disneyland. Saints do not.

From How to Build a Universe That Doesn't Fall Apart by Philip K Dick. 1978

hmmm...I wonder if there's anymore Philip K Dick on the web?

The Official Site

The Religious Experience of Philip K Dick by R Crumb

WWDT What Would Dick Think?

Friday, December 02, 2005

Time Part Five

Past, present, and future merge together into a timeless moment, the now of eternity. Time stops, inasmuch as it no longer "passes." There is existence, but it is not dependent upon time. Now and then, before and after, all combine into this exact point. On the relative level, short periods of time encompass enormous amounts of experience (p. 234).

Very little is known about the nature of these changes. However, the repeated theme of temporal distortion amongst many archives of psychedelic experiences (e.g., Hayes, 2000; Siebert, 2004; Strassman, 2001) strongly supports the notion that psychedelic drugs do, in some way, impact the underlying neurochemistry of time perception. Describing an experience with the psychedelic plant Salvia divinorum, Daniel Siebert (2004) writes:

The last words to pass through my head went something like, "Just as I thought. This stuff is inactive. I'll go toss it in the trash." Then quite suddenly I found myself in a confused, fast moving state of consciousness with absolutely no idea where my body or my universe had gone. I have little memory of this initial period of the experience, but I do know that a lot was happening and that it seemed quite literally like an eternity, when in fact it must only have lasted a few minutes… In this state, all the points of time in my personal history coexisted. One did not precede the next. Apparently, had I so willed it, I could return to any point in my life and really be there, because it was actually happening right now.

These experiences raise questions regarding the very nature of existence and of the mental universe. Since the work of Einstein, distortions of the fabric of space-time have been commonplace in discussions of the speed of light, relativity, and cosmology. Likewise, subjective accounts of psychedelic experiences often include perceptual distortions that include insights about cosmological questions like "What was God doing before the beginning?", "How did the universe begin?", and "What is the nature of time?"

There are few illustrations of the cosmological-psychedelic link as specific as the following recent report of viewing a total lunar eclipse after consuming LSD (Dawson, 2001):

As the eclipse became total, with the sun behind us as we viewed the moon in front of us, only a point of light remained on the moon. Completely without warning, the bright rays of light from this point seemed to attach to my head, lift it off my shoulders, and physically move it … to the edge of the moon where I was given a clear view of the entire Milky Way extending outward from my head! It seemed to flow through my head at the level of my eyes.

Consistent with the astronomical associations of such experiences, it has recently been proposed that models used in astronomy and mathematics can also be used to better understand the non-ordinary mental time of psychedelic experience (Saniga & Buccheri, 2003). Metod Saniga (an astrophysicist at the Slovak Academy of Sciences) employs advanced concepts that appear in chaos theory to model psychedelic experience. In providing a workable mathematical model of subjective experience, Saniga raises mental experience to a par with physical reality. As Siebert (2004) writes:

I had the sudden realization that although I had managed to pull myself back into my body I had somehow ended up back in the wrong spot in the timeline of my physical existence. I was convinced that I might be stuck in this situation and would have to continue my life from this point in my past.

From A Psychedelic Neurochemistry of Time by Kim A Dawson PhD

Blotter Art from SecondChance CD

A ton more to be found at

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Time Part Four

This funk group enjoyed a string of inventive hits in the early 80s that, for verve, style, and wit, often matched the output of their mentor, Prince.

Morris Day and The Time Flamboyant singer Morris Day played drums in Prince's junior high school band, Grand Central. After several years on the local R&B circuit he hooked up with Prince and the highly popular Minneapolis funk band Flyte Tyme who, after singer Alexander O'Neal was deemed surplus to requirements, were renamed The Time.

The line-up on 1981's self-titled debut comprised Morris Day (vocals), Jimmy "Jam" Harris (keyboards), Jellybean Johnson (percussion/drums), Terry Lewis (bass), Jesse Johnson (guitar) and Monte Moir (keyboards). The album, which was produced by Prince under the pseudonym Jamie Starr, set out their blueprint: infectious dance-funk workouts often spilling over into extended jams.

The band enjoyed immediate success on the R&B chart with the hits "Get It Up" (number 6), "Cool (Part 1)" (number 7), and "777-9311" (number 2). The latter was taken from their brilliant follow-up, "What Time Is It?," on which their sound was honed to a razor-sharp edge and Day's rampant, preening sex-machine persona was just about kept in check.

Morris Day and The Time Moir, Harris and Lewis had left by the time of 1984's "Ice Cream Castle" with Jerome Benton (Lewis' half-brother) and Paul 'St. Paul' Peterson joining the line-up as replacements. In a busy year, Morris Day starred in Prince's highly successful movie "Purple Rain." The Time also appeared in the movie, while two of their featured songs, "Jungle Love" and "The Bird," entered the US Top 40. By the time the latter charted, however, the band had split-up. Day and Johnson concentrated on solo careers, with Morris Day topping the R&B chart and reaching the US Top 30 in 1988 with "Fishnet," and Johnson enjoying a string of Top 10 R&B hits.

In the meantime, their former band mates, Harris and Lewis, had established themselves as black music's leading production team under the title, Jimmy Jam And Terry Lewis, enjoying particular success with Janet Jackson in the late-80s. Nevertheless, the original line-up (plus Benton) re-formed in 1990 to record the excellent "Pandemonium," which spawned the US Top 10 hit, "Jerk-Out," and became their highest charting album. Various members have continued to meet up to play live dates and jam in the studio.

From The Richard De La Font Talent Agency

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