Wednesday, November 29, 2006

God Part Seven

How can anyone beleive we evolved from monkeys heres a few questions for people who beleive that

1.If we did evolve from monkeys then how come babies arent born monkeys

2.Even Darwin said his theories were wrong before he died so why do you still believe them you really not believe the bible it says we were created in seven days not millions of years come we cant speak monkey

How come we can't speak monkey indeed...

Fundies Say the Darndest Things!

Top 10 Super Bestest Musics of 2006!!!

1. "Jesus" - the Feederz
2. some undiscovered drone artist CD-r produced in a limited edition of 3
3. "Metal Machine Music"
4. the voices in my head
5. "Who Are Parents" - the Shaggs
6. "Bongo Joe" - George Coleman
7. the ringing in my ears
8. "Gold" - the Carpenters
9. Spike Jones is Murdering the Classics
10. my super special secert bootleg of John Lennon giving investment tips to Mick Jagger circa "Let it Bleed"

rock on!!!

Monday, November 27, 2006

Eats Part One

1969 National Geographic Ad...

from AdFlip via Neatorama

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Hobos Part Two

Two Great Hobo Books

Bindle Stiff - Hobo who is content to walk from town to town; takes his name from the roll of blankets he carries which is known as a "bindle."
Box - a safe.
Brass Peddler - hobo who trades in cheap jewelry.
Crib - a brothel.
Gay Cat - an amateur tramp who goes to work when his begging courage fails him.
Gumps - chickens.
Hop - opium.
Jungle Up - to rest, wash, and eat at hobo camps.
Monoger - variation on "moniker" (a nickname).
Mulligans - hobo stews which contain a wide variety of ingredients.
Telegrams - holding suspects without formal charges.
Town Whistler - local constable.
Yaffled - arrested.
Yegg - professional safe blower.

"Jack Black calls his book You Can't Win. Well, who can? Winner takes nothing. Would he have been better off having spent his life at some full-time job? I don’t think so. He has recorded a chapter of specifically American life that is gone forever. Where are the hobo jungles, the hop joints, the old rod-riding yeggs, where is Salt Chunk Mary? Where is the Johnson Family? As another thief, Francois Villon, said, "Where are the snows of yesteryears?"

--Willam Burroughs

"I crouched quietly in the patch of tall weeds. Around me fell the shadow of the viaduct that carried a highway over the railroad yards. From the edge of the yards, I squinted as I watched the railroad cars being switched from track to track. Cars and trucks were rolling over the viaduct, but what occupied my attention was the dark, cool corridor underneath it, where I hoped to intercept my train."

You Can't Win by Jack Black

Rolling Nowhere by Ted Conover

Hobos Part One

The Associated Press
Published November 21, 2006, 12:12 PM CST

NAPOLEON, Ohio -- Maurice Graham, who began riding the rails at age 14 in 1931 and was known as the ``King of the Hobos,'' has died. He was 89.

Graham recently suffered a stroke and died Saturday at a rehabilitation center in Napoleon.

Nicknamed ``Steam Train Maury,'' he was a founding member of the Hobo Foundation and helped establish the Hobo Museum in Britt, Iowa.

National Hobo Foundation President Linda Hughes said Graham was ``a true hobo hero.''

``He was a classy and respected man,'' she said. ``No one can live up to Steam Train. He's irreplaceable.''

King of the Hobos, RIP

Hobo FAQ

Interview with Soup Bone Balmet, Emperor of the Hobos

700 Hobo Names, read by the author (mp3)

700 Hobo Illustrations

Original Hobo Nickel Society

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